Star Territory

electronic  adventure  ambient  atmospheric  chillout 

Star Territory
An awesome upbeat ambient/electronic and melodic album that has something that anyone can enjoy. Prepare for adventure.

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Liner Notes

Star Territory is an instrumental album based around the idea of atmosphere and the uniqueness of the world. With upbeat electronic sounds and rhythms I wanted to create feeling of adventure and mystery with each track; a feeling of never knowing what you'll encounter next. A lot of inspiration was drawn from iconic video games such as Metroid and Donkey Kong Country, as well as nature and the people around me. I believe there is something for everyone to enjoy throughout this album.


All music was written and produced by Jordan Dromi as Sleeping Forest. Album artwork by Bryan Gilligan. Special thanks to those who helped and supported me throughout this album's creation. Any profits go solely to the creation of more music for you guys, so I definitely appreciate the support! Dedicated to John Philips.


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